Thursday, 14 March 2013

How Australian Cricketers used to find out about the arrival of their kids

The arrival of young Will Watson has got me thinking not only of the father-son potential we now have in play, but the gradually shifting sands of Australian cricket.

Specifically, it made me think of the ways in which Australian cricketers used to experience the birth of their children...


  1. Mate, love this blog and your work, keep it up. All the best from Perth :)

  2. australia
    Hope they find her soon. I'm not a psychic of any kind but I feel in my heart they are so close to a result. Our reading is fascinating!!!

  3. For the last 20 years, the Australian cricket team's dominance has rarely been challenged. They have repeatedly won test match series emphatically both at home and abroad with only the occasional disappointing result. They have enjoyed a virtual conveyor belt of high quality players and revelled in their title of the world's undisputed number one cricket team.