Monday, 28 April 2014

Images of Boon

This will make far more sense when you read my Joy of Six post over at the Guardian tomorrow. These are just some Boon images I wouldn't be able to link to without uploading them myself ("People aren't uploading images of David Boon playing in the 1978-79 Gillette Cup?" you ask in amazement... I know, right?)


  1. Fantastic as ever. Rather embarrassed to admit I went back through the pictures and checked out more carefully the various GNs he used....I do love the one of him on the table top giving a speech though. He actually looks quite formal and gentel with the stiff legs

    1. He's leading "Under the Southern Cross"....

    2. He is isn't he?! Oops. Can I plead being a Pom is mitigation. In fact I was just trying to illustrate the sort of spineless, effete uselessness that characterised Boon's English opponents for most of his era...honest, that was what I was doing and not just being thick...